Headquartered in Delavan, Wisconsin; Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, An SPX Brand is a major supplier of component equipment including pumps, valves, fittings, and heat exchangers. The company and its network of distributors are dedicated to raising productivity, product quality and profitability for their equipment and systems customers. From this dedication has come advancements in equipment development and applications; advancements that have changed the way food process designers solve problems.

Markets Served
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell equipment and systems are marketed to a wide variety of industries around the world including: food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, pulp and paper, automotive paint, hydro-carbon processing, films, coatings and adhesives.

Company Background
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell today is the result of a decade of acquisitions and mergers. In 1990, Cherry-Burrell Food Equipment, Cedar Rapids, IA, was divisionalized into packaging, fluid handling and process equipment. Waukesha Pumps (positive displacement pumps), Superior Stainless (fittings,valves and centrifugal pumps) and Cherry-Burrell Fluid Handling (fittings and valves) merged to form Waukesha Fluid Handling, headquartered at the Superior Stainless facility in Delavan, WI.

Cherry-Burrell process equipment, Cedar Rapids, IA, (components and skidded systems) and Little Falls, NY (tanks) merged with Anco-Votator, Louisville, KY (heat exchangers) and kept the Cherry-Burrell Process Equipment name.

In 1992, Waukesha Fluid Handling acquired Bredel (peristaltic hose pumps), Delden, The Netherlands. The company also purchased 51% of Puriti (valves and centrifugal pumps) in Mexico.

The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell company was formed in 1995 when Waukesha Fluid Handling merged with Cherry-Burrell Process Equipment. Also that year, the company completed 100% acquisition of Puriti. Bredel was divested in 1996 and the Little Falls facility was sold in 1997.

The new organization, with its global network of stocking distributors and manufacturing representatives, is committed to offering a complete line of quality products and services for customers worldwide.

Go the extra distance with these combined advantages:

  • Innovation – Proven state-of-the-art engineering solutions
  • Know-how – Unsurpassed experience and process knowledge.
  • Quality – Trusted genuine OEM parts competitively priced; and an after-sales commitment of unsurpassed service support.
  • Synergies – Our cooperative interaction strengthens our commitment to more than designing, manufacturing and selling equipment. It is to provide effective solutions to problems encountered by today’s industries. Working together for a common purpose.


  • Pumps — Rotary positive displacement, both external circumferential piston (ECP) and lobe, high-pressure plunger, centrifugal, and gear; includes CIPable and aseptic models
  • Dispersion Equipment — Homogenizers, colloid mills, shear pumps, dry-to-liquid blenders
  • Valves — Manual and automatic valves and matrices; also special fractional valves (“mini-valves”)
  • Fittings — Standard designs include “S”, “I” and “Q” clamp, buttweld and bevel seat; also BPE and fractional sizes
  • Heat Exchangers – Plate, Corrugated Tubular, and Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
  • Process System – Heat exchange components and solutions for sanitary industries

Technical Services

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell’s Original Equipment Parts Program operates 24 hours per day, year around for fast response to requests from end-users and distributors. The program features trained product line experts and a computerized storage system.
Testing and Rental Equipment Program to verify and provide the optimum heat exchange solution for a given application. Processors are able to prove performance in their plants with their products and under their process conditions.

Pump Remanufacturing enables users of Waukesha Cherry-Burrell rotary positive displacement pumps to get three factory-warranted lives from the same pump.Each remanufactured Waukesha pump is given a new serial number and after thorough performance tests, is backed with a new factory warranty. A pump exchange program is also available to minimize downtime.

Certified Pump Repair Centers (CPRC) offer customers factory certified pump repair through their local distributor. Factory-trained technicians are on site to provide quick turnaround on repairs. A pump loan program eliminates down time.

The Seal Reconditioning and Replacement Service was developed to lower seal maintenance costs. Seals to be reconditioned must be whole and integral. Sealing surfaces must be restorable by re-lapping to factory dimensional tolerances to assure proper seal face pressures.

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