Bran+Luebbe AutoBlend Systems


The complete solution for higher productivity and product quality! Turn-key metering and blending systems for the production of high-value products using liquids, pastes and powders.

Our dedicated systems engineers develop the best possible solution for your needs, either from our extensive range of standard systems or individually designed and manufactured to your specification.

The wide range of proven key components manufactured by Bran+Luebbe means that installations are almost completely assembled from our own products – the accurate and reliable metering and process pumps, mixers both in-line and tank mounted, homogenizers and computer-operated controllers.

For Bran+Luebbe, a turn-key installation means just that. We take over everything, from design concept through project engineering, manufacture, installation, hardware and software for process control, to start up and operator training. You can rely on it.

Reduce Costs – Increase Quality with AutoBlend Process Systems

AutoBlend installations can dramatically improve productivity and reduce running costs. All Bran+Luebbe installations meet the high standards of quality and reliability we expect from our key components. You can expect low down-time, minimal maintenance and long life – factors which together with improved productivity and quality are decisive for a cost-effective investment. An investment which with AutoBlend soon pays its way.

  • Drinks: Fruit juice, minerals, brandy, vodka, liqeurs
  • Food: Margarine, mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, ketchup, syrups, confectionery, chocolate, yogurt
  • Cosmetics and Detergents: Shampoo, body lotion, household cleaners, fabric softener, liquid soap, liquid detergent, shoe polish, alkyl ether sulphate solutions, sulphonic acid neutralization
  • Chemicals: Pulp and paper, textiles, paints and dyes, chemical solvents, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas
  • Special Applications: Water Treatment, Bitumen, Sewage Treatment

Bran+Luebbe AutoBlend Systems Brochure