Liquiflo H-Series Gear Pumps


Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps that are frequently used for metering and transferring both thin and viscous fluids at differential pressures higher than are typically achievable with centrifugal pumps. Gear pumps are a viable alternative to Diaphragm pumps because they do not pulse or require an expensive air source to operate. For metering applications, they do not require pulsation dampeners or other ancillary equipment. In continuous duty applications, they generally last longer than Diaphragm, Progressive Cavity or Peristaltic pumps, which require frequent part replacements, such as diaphragms, stators, rotors or hoses.

The H-Series Gear Pumps were designed as an upgrade to Liquiflo’s original 3-Series. With similar outside dimensions and capacities, the H-Series incorporates larger diameter shafts and bearings, allowing them to handle higher pressures with extended service life. H-Series pumps are rated at 225 PSI* differential pressure. The 3-Series are rated at 100 PSI. Both series are available in Sealed and Mag-Drive versions.

Liquiflo H-Series Brochure

Liquiflo H-Series Performance Curves