Liquiflo MAX Series M2-M8 Pump


The Liquiflo MAX® Series Gear Pumps will handle differential pressures up to 350 PSI and flows to 20 GPM. Their unique, durable design assures extended life even in high-pressure pumping applications where other gear pumps could fail. The MAX® Series pumps feature newly designed Helical Gears for smoother and quieter operation.

Heavy-Duty Construction
The MAX® Series heavy duty shaft and bearing design make it last even when operating at high differential pressures for extended lengths of time. Its solid construction and oversized heavy duty bolts will minimize pump distortion caused by piping misalignment. The pump mounting bracket is made of corrosion-resistant 316 Stainless Steel or sturdy Cast Iron.

The MAX® Series pumps are available in either Single or Double Mechanical Seal or Mag-Drive configurations. The universal seal housing will accommodate either a single or double mechanical seal. The Close-Coupled design eliminates difficulties and inconveniences of manually aligning the pump and motor. MAX® Series pumps are offered in 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium housings with a selection of internal component materials to optimize your selection for specific applications.

All pump sizes are available in either a sealed or seal-less (mag-drive) version.

Liquiflo Max-Series Brochure