Liquiflo Poly-Guard Sealless Pump


Liquiflo has long recognized the need for a Plastic Rotary Positive Displacement Pump for the chemical industry. While engineered plastics offered unsurpassed chemical resistance to virtually any fluid, they severely lacked the mechanical strength, integrity and safety of high-alloy metals. Therefore, the challenge was to use a combination of metal and plastic to produce a highly corrosion resistant pump that was safe to use in industrial applications. They chose a Fluoro-Polymer for its superior chemical resistance, and Stainless Steel for its strength and corrosion resistance (giving the pump one more layer of protection). Liquiflo perfected a specialized molding and machining technique for mechanically bonding, stabilizing and machining the plastic to exacting tolerances required to make a positive displacement pump.

The ultimate outcome was the Poly-Guard™, which combines the chemical resistance of a Fluoro-Polymer with the strength of Stainless Steel.

Typical Uses & Applications
The Poly-GuardTM is an excellent choice for inorganic acids, bases and salts. The Poly-Guard™, with its tough Stainless Steel exterior and chemically resistant Fluoro-Polymer interior, offers the ultimate solution for your most difficult chemical applications. These pumps are durabie, safe and corrosion resistant, and unlike fiber-reinforced plastic pumps, they can also be used in high purity services where contamination from process system components must be avoided.

Liquiflo PolyGuard Brochure