Watson Marlow Certa Pump


The cleanest pump you will ever need

Engineers in food and beverage plants are frequently faced with pumping high viscosity products ranging from frozen orange juice, deli salads and bakery produce, to cheese curd and savory pie fillings.

Certa pumps play an important part in conveying foods safely and without degradation throughout the manufacturing and packaging process, up to 8 million centipoise (cP), and flow rates up to 434.2 GPM.

Certa from MasoSine sets even higher pumping standards in food processing. Certa meets the highest standards in hygiene and cleanability while improving process efficiency and minimizing total cost of ownership. All this combined with the gentle product handling design of a Sine pump means Certa is the cleanest pump you will ever need.


  • High suction capability to handle viscous fluids
  • Easy to clean pump design certified with:
    • – EHEDG Type EL Class I
    • – EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
  • Uses up to 50% less power than other pump types
  • Low shear and zero pulsation
  • Self-draining and easy to clean for minimal downtime


Watson Marlow Certa Pump Brochure