bran-luebbe pumps

Bran+Luebbe is a worldwide leader in metering, analyzing and processing liquids with expertise for more than 75 years.  The name Bran & Luebbe stands for high quality and precision, as one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of metering and process pumps, process systems as well as analyzing equipment.  We have the highest quality standards, pioneering innovations and comprehensive process and applications know-how in the industry.  The Bran & Luebbe line of metering pumps, process pumps, process systems, chemical injection systems and analyzers are designed to exceed your expectations.

Bran & Luebbe is one of the many brands that comprise the SPX Flow Technology segment.  These brands design, manufacture and market solutions and products used to process, blend, meter and transport fluids serving the sanitary, biopharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, power, industrial and municipal markets worldwide.

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dixon pumps

Since 1985, Dixon Pumps Inc. (previously known as Dismas Pumps Inc) has led the way in pump transfer technology. From our early beginnings in 1985 as a lone operation in Montana with only a single hand pump, to our revolutionary Blade Master design introduced in 2003, we have built a worldwide reputation on quality, durability, dependability and reliability and now provide an International network of sales, service, and support through our valuable distributors and OEM companies.

Today, Dixon Pumps Inc. is recognized world wide as providing some of the strongest and most powerful positive-displacement pumps. We have moved from operating as an oil transfer pump to servicing markets such as fuel and refueling, bio-diesel, aviation, mining, marine and chemical industries to name a few.

Customer-in-Mind Engineering

Our research and development continues to strive for excellence and innovation and to consistently set new standards for engineering. Our capability to design, develop, and custom build pumping solutions for unique applications has made Dixon Pumps Inc a respected leader in the design and manufacture of fluid handling equipment for many years. We design every Dixon pump with 2 things in mind: Performance and Practicality

The Ultimate Goal

Operating efficiency, low maintenance, and durability has made Dixon Pumps Inc a perfect design for customers who expect and deserve assets and not liabilities in their equipment. We continue to strive to provide cutting-edge technology and industry leading products to ensure that our customers are able to meet any and all pumping requirements. Our goal is to use our Performance and Practicality engineering to help our customers achieve their ultimate goal-Profit.

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Fybroc is an advanced technology pump manufacturer specializing in reinforced composite centrifugal pumps designed to handle corrosive liquids. Fybroc, the pioneer in the fiberglass pump field, continues its position of leadership with a complete line of centrifugal pumps.  The product line is a culmination of many years of experience in producing high quality, corrosion resistant pumps.   The product line combines an extensive knowledge of materials and production techniques to provide exceptional structural integrity, excellent corrosion resistance and dependable service in difficult operating environments.

The Fybroc line includes the following centrifugal pump types:

  • Mag Drive, Close Coupled, Long Coupled, Self Priming and Vertical Sumps.
  • Flows:  10-5000 gallons per minute.
  • Discharge Pressures:  10-500’ TDH.

Typical Applications: Transfer of Acids, Bleaches, Brines, Caustics, Waste Water, Solvents.

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graco pumps

Founded in 1926, Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components.  Graco products move, measure, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in commercial and industrial settings.

The company’s success is based on its unwavering commitment to technical excellence, world class manufacturing and unparalleled customer service.  Working closely with qualified distributors like BF Sales Engineering, Inc., Graco offers systems, products and technology that set the quality standard in a wide range of fluid handling solutions.  Graco’s ongoing investment in fluid management and control will continue to provide innovative solutions to a diverse global market.

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lincoln pumps

Lincoln provides industrial and automotive service professionals with the world’s best lubrication equipment, heavy-duty fluid pumping products and world class technical service. Their distributor network includes Industrial Systems Houses, Petroleum Equipment Service Distributors and thousands of retail outlets offering general lubrication tools and equipment.

General lubrication products include Lincoln’s line of portable lubrication pumps, hose reels, Kleenseal®‚ grease fittings, control valves, used fluid drains, and a comprehensive line of grease guns including the Powerluber®‚ battery-powered and air powered grease guns.

Heavy duty pumping products include the PowerMaster®‚ and PileDriver®‚ pumps for handling viscous materials like heavy lubricants, adhesives, sealants, and printing inks. Automatic lubrication systems include Centro-Matic®‚ single line injector systems, Quicklub®‚ and Modular Lube®‚ single line progressive systems, Helios®‚ and Duo-Matic®‚ pressurized two-line systems, and ORSCO®‚ oil lubrication systems. All of these centralized lubrication systems direct precise amounts of grease or oil to bearings or other lubrication points. All equipment is designed to meet the strict quality standards demanded by our customers.

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For more than 35 years, Liquiflo has manufactured High-Alloy Gear and Centrifugal Pumps, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical processing industry.

The Liquiflo gear pumps are a positive displacement pump that is frequently used for metering and transferring both thin and viscous fluids at differential pressures higher than are typically achievable with centrifugal pumps.  Gear pumps are a viable alternative to Diaphragm Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, and Peristaltic Pumps.  Liquiflo Gear Pumps provide a nice constant, pulsation free flow!

Liquiflo Gear Pumps include the following pump types:

  • Mag Drive, Sealed Versions, Poly Lined Versions, Close Coupled and Long Coupled.
  • Flows: .05 -50 gallons per minute.
  • Discharge Pressures: 10-350 psi.

Liquiflo Centrifugal Pumps include the following types:

  • Mag Drive, Sealed, Close Coupled and Long Coupled.
  • Flows:  5-150 gallons per minute.
  • Discharge Pressures:  10-100’ TDH.

Typical ApplicationsTransfer and metering of chemicals.

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Sulzer Pumps combines more than 135 years of experience in the centrifugal pump development and manufacturing with a deep commitment to fully understanding the needs of the customer.  Sulzer is a leading global supplier of pumps to many markets with over 15 different manufacturing sites to cater to all of the customers’ needs.   The Sulzer line of metal centrifugal pumps can be manufactured in 10 different alloy types and in all sizes and configurations.

Sulzer Pumps includes the following types:

  • Single Stage (ANSI and ISO versions) Pumps, Two Stage Pumps, Ring Section Pumps, Axial Split Pumps and Vertical Pumps.
  • Flows:  10-50,000 gallons per minute
  • Pressures:  5-6500 psi.

Typical Applications: Water, Waste Water, Brackish/Salt Water, Chemicals and Slurries.

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Watson Marlow pumps

Watson Marlow is the world’s largest manufacturer of hose and tube pumps (peristaltic) with the widest range of pumps and hose/tube elements.  Today over 1,000,000 Watson Marlow positive displacement pumps are working non –stop all around the globe.  With over 50 years experience, Watson Marlow leads the way in hose pump technology, engineering the new standard for hose pumps with its unique SPX direct coupled design and a complete line of case driven tube pumps for lower flow and pressure applications.   If you are looking for a pump that is simple to operate, has no seals, can run dry, has a very accurate flow and great suction capabilities, then Watson Marlow is the answer!

Watson Marlow Bredel, Direct Coupled SPX Hose Pumps:

  • Flows:  .1 – 300 gallons per minute.
  • Discharge Pressures:  up to 232 psi.

Typical Applications: Chemical Metering, Slurry Metering and Transfer.

Watson Marlow Peristaltic Tube Pumps:

  • Flows: .001 to 18 gallons per minute.
  • Discharge Pressures:  Up to 100 psi.

Typical Applications: Chemical metering and transfer.

Note: Watson Marlow is the only peristaltic pump manufacturer that provides a 5 year warranty on their product.

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For more than a half century, Waukesha has been a leader in the design, manufacturing and application of external circumferential piston (ECP) style, rotary positive displacement pumps.  Along with their success in positive displacement pumps, Waukesha provides a complete line of stainless steel constructed centrifugal pumps.  Waukesha’s model 200 series centrifugal pumps are ideal product movers in a broad range of sanitary and industrial applications.

ECP Positive Displacement Pumps:

  • Flow ranges:  1-450 gpm.
  • Discharge pressures up to 450 psi.
  • Materials of construction:  316 Stainless Steel and Ductile iron.
  • Typical Applications:  Metering and Transfer of higher viscosity fluids like slurries, food products, pastes, emulsions, sludge’s and polymers.

Series 200 and 200MS Centrifugal Pumps

  • Flow ranges:  5-1400 gpm.
  • Discharge Pressures up to 500’ TDH.
  • Materials of construction:  316L Stainless Steel
  • Typical Applications:  Transfer of chemicals, high purity waters, pharmaceuticals and food based products.

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