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What generation is this one in particular? What generation is it? You’ll save money in gas, and do your part to signal auto manufacturers to make more energy-efficient vehicles. In autocross terms, the advanced technology makes the E36 slightly better in the performance department, but nothing can beat the classic styling of the E30. Many tuners will install performance camshafts with more aggressive lobes to extract more performance out of their engine. It was in its third generation in 1977 and aside from the rear window change, the new Corvette had flag emblems on the front and back as well. Although all of the answers are decent at road racing in general, the E36 M3 stands out as the absolute best on overall performance at an autocross. No matter what your automotive tastes, if they stray toward massive and powerful beasts like the Lincoln Continental or if they’re a little sportier and more in line with the sleek and sexy Lancia Stratos, 1977 has your back. The C5, however, has one of the best stock setups to go straight to autocross mode without copious amounts of modification The Chevy Camaro was celebrating its 10th year in 1977 so Chevy brought back the Z28 as a performance version of the Camaro.