Sulzer AHLSTAR Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps


AHLSTAR A pumps are designed for pumping clean, abrasive or corrosive liquids as well as stocks of various kinds. If the liquid contains gas or air the pump can be modified with either internal or external gas removal construction which stabilizes the operation. The Sulzer Dynamic Seal is specially designed for difficult liquids offering reliable operation and low total sealing costs.

AHLSTAR E pumps provide continuous operation in industrial processes. Typical applications include the pumping of hot clean, abrasive or corrosive liquids and liquors. These pumps are particularly effective where system pressure is high and pressure/temperature shocks occur.

AHLSTAR N pumps are designed for pumping abrasive or corrosive liquids, sludges and slurries containing large particles or long fibers. Special hydraulic design prevents plugging and lets big particles pass. Gas removal systems broaden the scope of applications to include those containing air or gas.

AHLSTAR W pumps are intended for corrosive and abrasive applications where durability is essential. The special hydraulic design reduces erosion while careful selection of parts materials to make them compatible with corrosive conditions, gives extended working life and reliability. Gas removal construction is also offered.

Sulzer AHLSTAR Pump Brochure

Sulzer AHLSTAR Dynamically Sealed Pumps Brochure