About us

Why us?

• We carry the best brands in the industry.
• We have extensive technical expertise across our product lines.
• We have a 56 year proven track record of success.
• We are locally owned and operated and have local inventory and service capabilities.


Our Core Values

Understand The Customer

Positive relationships are vital to continued success. We establish and maintain positive interactions with each of our customers and devote time understanding their priorities and preferences.

We see a customer’s issue as our issue and treat it as such.

We go above what’s expected so customers are (pleasantly) surprised.

Hustle Every Time

We are proactive and never wait to take an action. We are never the bottleneck.

We are hungry. We look for opportunities and chase them down.

We respond quickly. We follow-up regularly. We don’t assume, we just know.

We take personal responsibility when things take a turn for the worse and do what it takes to fix the problem.

Find the Best Solution

We focus on helping the customer solve their problem instead of pushing our product.

If the best solution is not one we can provide, we tell the customer and help them locate it.

If our product is the best solution, we share why and what it will cost transparently.

Be a Helpful Expert

We are constantly beefing up our expertise on new products and applications so that we can be the biggest resource possible to our clients.

We share what we know and spend time educating others and figuring out a solution for each unique scenario.

If we don’t know something, we’re honest about it, and
find the person who does.

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