Original Equipment Manufacturers

For customers who manufacture or integrate a piece of equipment that is made up of multiple smaller components.

Markets: Industrial, Agricultural, Aerospace, Rail, Energy, Medical



Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Local upkeep of over 500 bins and half a million components annually for a major local OEM with international reach.
>95% on-time delivery
>97% accuracy rating


Major Paint Kitchen Upgrade

Designed, installed and maintain new state-of-the-art paint kitchen for an automated finishing line in a production facility that runs 24 hours a day 350 days a year.


20% Savings on Fittings & Hoses

Helped a local OEM save >20% annually on high-use fittings and hoses that met or exceeded existing quality standards. OEM outsourcing of Hose Assemblies further simplified operations and improved production efficiencies.